Monday, 28 May 2007

Yet more pics

I didn't take many myself - I wasn't really on a sightseeing trip, the weather was rubbish for most of it, and pics of roads and bikes leaning against signposts aren't very exciting. But here's some of the ones I did take (or had taken with my camera)

Land's End (note silly hair caused by headband)

Perranporth (first stop):

First thing in the morning, Day 2. It rained for 5 hours more after this:

Tintern Abbey (in a thunderstorm - there are pics below taken by M of me wandering off to take this pic)

Morecambe Bay, at sunset:

Getting to Scotland:

My bike, after I came off:

The road ahead is a cycle path, the one across is a side road. The car I was trying to avoid (and succeeded) came from the right, and stopped to the right of this shot, as I stopped before the road. The main road down to Dumfries is, luckily, only about 50 yards ahead.

Young boys march in Larkhall:

What you can't quite see is the t-shirt of the guy on the left, which says 'No Surrender', as did the motto on the drum. Nice.

Dunkeld. This was the most beautiful place I went to on my trip, although I don't think I captured it in my pic.

The light, in early evening, was perfect to illuminate this meadow of bluebells, but again, very hard to show it:

For those of you who like pictures of bikes and road signs:

Or just road signs:

And the end:

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Tomato said...

Those are fine pics and videos and the whole gives a good flavo(u)r of your journey and your green and pleasant land. My two favorites are Tintern Abbey In The Rain and the meadow full of bluebells.