Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Pah, it's only a flesh wound..

You know the feeling when you're cycling along unconcerned, then your elbow pops out then back in again? You don't? I do.

As I suspected, I'd weakened my elbow by falling on my left arm on Saturday. It may just be ligament damage - I'm not sure that I dislocated it riding along yesterday, but it was a bit distracting. I saw a doctor in Aviemore, and she agreed with me that, as it doesn't hurt in normal use, I can just use tubigrip and get it seen to in London when I get back.

So, riding to John O'Groats is easy, I can do it one-handed...

Day 10 (21/05/07)
Pitlochry to Carrbridge
Day miles 67
Total miles 806
To go c 149

I didn't make it as far as Inverness last night, as I suspected. I left Pitlochry quite late, about midday, and took the cycle route (NCN7) which is largely made from remnants of the old A9. The first hour or so was quite hard, not just because of the various ailments, but because going up Glen Garry was a slight incline into a stiff headwind. I only went at about 9mph there, very dispiriting, but then when I turned a corner and went up the next glen, I had a slight downward incline and a good tailwind, and freewheeled at about 20mph for 15 miles or so. Great fun.

I'm in Inverness now, and only have stingy 15 minute slots on the PCs in their public library, so can't say much more. I'm deciding now whether to take the fearsome A9 or to try to work out a back route. I want to do about 80 more miles today (I've done about 27 so far), which will leave me say 40 to JO'G tomorrow, then 17 back to Wick. However, these mileages may vary if I take safer back routes.


Anonymous said...

Well I feel a bit ill after reading that about your elbow, but well done to you. Can't believe you've nearly made it - keep going.


MarvMarsh said...

Heroic stuff. You are the Terry Butcher of LeJogging.